Utah Utes Win the Pac-12 Championship

That's right, the Utah Utes win the Pac-12 Championship.  It's been tough for the Utes to compete in most sports in the conference as they don't receive a full share of conference revenues for another year.  They've only received a 1/2 and 3/4 share since entering the conference.

But the University ... as a community ... feels the obligation to be a leader in terms of environmental and sustainability issues.  In April of this year ... 2013 ... the U was named the Pac-12 Conference Champion for The 2012-2013 College & University Green Power Challenge.

The University used more than 93 million kilowatt-hours of green power ... 31% of their annual usage.  They do this by buying a combination of renewable energy certificates and utility green power products from 3Degrees and Rocky Mountain Power. 

Green power is generated by an on-site renewable energy system.  A student-led campaign was the inspiration behind the green power purchases.

So even though the Utes haven't won a Pac-12 Championship in a sport yet, they've won one championship nonetheless.

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