Utah Land Heist

If you study history, you already know someone’s always after your land. Many Utahns think the federal government is after theirs.

Others ... those who believe the federal government owns everything ... believe that states are after theirs.

Funny thing about the good old USA. You can pretty much predict who is on each side of this issue based on what political party they belong to.

If you’re Republican, you want the feds to leave the land in your state alone. Especially in Utah. If you’re Democrat, the land belongs to the people. And the people are the federal government.

Utah senator Orrin Hatch and Representative Rob Bishop just introduced legislation that would allow western states to pick 5% of the BLM and US Forest Service land in their borders. No matter where it was!!!

That’s right. Canyon land. Red rock deserts. Shrinking forest. Land harboring an abundance of archaeological sites. Watersheds. Wildlife havens.

And then sell it to private bidders. And to the usual array of suspects. Oil and gas drillers. Developers. Anyone with the money.

Of course the money would go to “education” in the states. And who’s against education? A big Utah land heist.

So you have states rights and big business versus the American people. But not really. In this case, I don’t care about states’ rights. And I definitely don’t care about the so-called “American people”. The federal government is not the American people.

The only thing I’m worried about is the destruction of some of the most beautiful land on the planet.

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