Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway

The Beaver Canyon Scenic Byway is a relatively unknown yet spectacular byway. It heads straight east from the town of Beaver. Beaver is 169 miles (273 km) south of Salt Lake City . Take SR-153 until the pavement ends at the 21 mile marker.

This area doesn’t get a lot of traffic so the byway is a relatively unknown gem. Along the route, you’ll find excellent camping, hiking , and some of the best hunting in the state.

And ... like so many of Utah’s scenic byways ... the fall leaf display alone is worth the drive. Stop and mountain bike one of the many excellent trails in the area. Or drop a fly into one of the beautiful mountain streams or lakes nearby.

Not on the byway ... but 12 miles west of Beaver on SR-21 ... you’ll find Minersville Reservoir. Stop there for some great camping and fishing.

Plan for about 45 minutes to drive the 21-mile byway if you’re not planning on stops.

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